Higher Healing

Experience Higher Healing, Release unprocessed emotions, move beyond trauma, and support the body’s innate ability to self-heal and achieve inner balance naturally.

Higher Healing

Heal From The Inside Out

When our emotions are unexpressed, they become fragments of ourselves left behind, buried deep within the body. We tend to start operating from our minds, losing touch with our felt senses and, most importantly, our hearts. 


Without our feelings, our human experience seems dull and lifeless. As emotional beings, we were designed to feel and express our emotions to allow connection to flow freely within ourselves and others. 


Higher Healing uses Neo-emotional practice to express and reconnect with your emotions in a way that empowers you through safety and unconditional loving presence to feel ALIVE again.

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Higher Healing Is a one-on-one program with Kindra Fox to support the release of blocked emotions holding you back from your highest self. 

What is NEO Emotional Release?

NER combines breath, bodywork and psycho-somatic therapy to identify held-back emotional tension deep within the body. 


With precise touch, breath techniques and vocal guidance, allow yourself to be taken on a journey of accessing emotions stored deep within the subconscious. 


By addressing the root of the emotion, I create a safe space for you to fully release your repressed or blocked emotions in a way that feels most authentic and natural. 


Higher healing invites clients to unlock their whole human potential and reconnect to their Higher Energy.

Higher Healing

Higher Healing Benefits


Release stress and tension


Regulate the nervous system


Lower anxiety


Resolve past traumas


Process difficult emotions such as grief, anger or sadness


Support the healing of mystery illnesses


Rewire the brain


Feel a greater sense of calm + ease


Decrease physical symptoms


Activate feelings of joy, appreciation and love

At Higher Energy, our team is trauma-informed and professionally certified to deliver NER in Higher Healing sessions with a lens of inviting all emotions, thoughts, and sensations to the session, thus creating an inclusive space for personal growth and transformation.

Higher Healing Toronto

Higher Healing

Session Breakdown

Our journey to wholeness is a unique and non-linear experience for each person. Our sessions are tailored to fit your specific needs. 


Each session includes a complimentary consultation to support the exploration of your personal healing journey and define your intention and timeline. Sessions can be delivered in person or virtually.


All sessions include deep breathing, vocal guidance, body + energy work,  precise touch and psycho-somatic therapy techniques ranging from ninety minutes to three hours.


Kindra Fox

Neo Emotional Release Practioner (in-training)


Meet Your Instructor

Hi, and welcome to Higher Healing.

Neo-emotional release has been integral to my healing journey to wholeness.


As a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, I have experienced the profound benefits of conscious breathing for energy, performance and focus.


However, I realized I was still holding on to repressed emotions in my body from years of trauma from my childhood.


NER created a safe space for me to express difficult emotions such as grief, shame and anger, which liberated me from years of resistance and created more capacity in my system for joy, pleasure and power to flow freely.


I am honoured to guide you.

Personal Investment

Self-investment is the first step to personal growth, inner healing and outer transformation.

Option 1

Invest upfront and dive in.


1 Payment
Six, 90-min 1:1 sessions
Weekly check-ins
Text Support

Option 2

Experience a one-off session


1 payment
One, 90-min session
No commitment
Experience immediate relief and receive profound insights


Unlock Whole YOU Potential

Are you ready to take your healing to the next level? Book a consult and see if NEO is right for you.

Higher Healing FAQS

Breathwork is an active somatic practice that utilizes breath manipulation (usually mouth breathing) to reset the nervous system and refocus the mind. NER utilizes breath techniques such as slow nose-to-mouth breathing; however, it focuses on identifying blockages through precise touch, body + energy work, vocal guidance and psycho-somatic therapy to unleash repressed emotions through gentle yet powerful cathartic releases that support healing at the deepest level.

In-person sessions offers the opportunity to benefit from the healing power of touch + body work, while virtual sessions promote self-touch techniques. Both options utilize the NER framework and offer clients powerful transformations from the inside out.

Everyone is so uniquely different, especially when it comes to how we process emotions and trauma. I aim to provide a safe, open and unconditionally loving space for you to experience the benefits of NER within the first session while also building a momentum, layer by layer, that welcomes all emotions, thoughts, memories and sensations to be fully expressed. The intensity or the release itself does not equal the transformation, instead, it’s the journey itself unfolding that determines the level of healing that is vital for each person to determine as they go through the process holding more and more awareness and acceptance of self, while remembering they are in the driver’s seat of their own healing experience.

Absolutely not. Depending on your medical background or current state of being, it is important to follow the advice from your family doctor or therapist. NER does not claim to be a cure or replacement, rather a holistic approach to somatic healing utilizing alternative forms of mental, emotional and spiritual support. 

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