Higher Breath

A 90-minute conscious breath training workshop introducing teams to the power of breath for relieving stress and reversing burnout for enhanced team connection, focus and performance. 

Our breath is a powerful tool we all have access to — The Key is learning how to use it.

We breathe, yet we do so unconsciously. For many of us, that leaves space for stress and anxiety to creep in and take over.

With increasingly stressful and challenging situations arising amongst teams, teams face the challenges of disconnect, resulting in lowered performance and connection.

This 90-minute workshop introduces breath training, combining science, education and practice skills needed to self-regulate in the face of stress.

Breathe InBreathe Out

Why Breathe?

Breath training is a powerful tool for improving mental clarity, reducing anxiety and stress, and increasing focus.

With expert guidance and personalized instruction, participants will learn how to breathe deeply and consciously, tapping into the healing power of their breath. 

Through this transformative experience, teams will gain a deeper understanding of the connection between mind, body, and breath and take away practical tools for improving their overall well-being. 


When we face stressful, uncertain or challenging situations, we can use breath training to approach them more easily. We can rewire our brains to move away from stress into empowerment. 

Benefits Of Team Breath Training

Emotional Self-Regulation​

Our emotions are a critical aspect to building strong interpersonal relationships.

Team Connection

Build strong team bonds and connection by prioritizing team well-being.

Improve Energy Bandwidth

Increase positive team spirit and momentum towards professional and personal success.

Reverse Burnout

Learn to re-balance the nervous system and solve the root cause of burnout.

At Higher Breath, our team is professionally certified to deliver Breathwork by inviting all emotions, thoughts, and sensations to the session, thus creating an inclusive space for personal growth and transformation.

Corporate Breathwork

Professionally Certified

Mental health is not a one-size fits all approach, and each person has a unique and individual experience.

We live in a corporate culture where emotions are rarely normalized or openly discussed. Our emotions do not define us; however, the parts of us that are wounded, suffering, or in pain deserve to be seen, felt, heard and accepted. 

As companies and leaders, the more we invite these aspects and parts of our team members to be held and supported, the more we allow our humanness to be cultivated and harnessed. 

A bottom up Approach

The body possesses an innate ability to self-heal from stress when given the right environment. 

Breath training creates a safe space for the body to release stress and clear anxiety at a root level. 

This enables teams to feel a prolonged relief from stress and anxiety leading to enhanced connection to themselves and each other.

Team Connection

Strengthen team connection and bring teams together through the power of breath. Teams who feel connected perform better and last longer.

Backed By Science.

Our team leverages 25+ years of research regarding the power behind self-regulation to provide a grounded and accessible approach to breath training.

Remote Engagement

Reconnect remote teams and drive engagement while improving well-being for higher performance and productivity. Ensure teams are working coherently towards similar goals and objectives.

Small Commitment,
Big Payoff.

Each workshop is ninety minutes or less and completely customized to your team’s needs, challenges and goals. Teams walk away with practical skills that can last a lifetime.

The Higher Breath Advantage

Experience the difference by working with our team of facilitators who bring a grounded and relatable approach to teams.


We combine real-life experience, expert-level guidance and science-based education.

Kindra Fox

Certified Breathwork Facilitator


Meet Your Instructor

Hi, and welcome to Higher Breath. 



While working in the corporate world, I started breathing intentionally because I suffered from chronic stress, anxiety and burnout symptoms.



Despite being a top performer, I often felt depleted and burnt out. Looking around, I often saw how my team members were also impacted.



Desperate for a long-lasting solution, I discovered Breath Training. Three years into self-directed learning and witnessing my transformation, I knew I had to share this with the world.



My mission is to share Breath Training with as many leaders and teams as possible so we may all live in wholeness, peace and freedom.

A Live Experience

Each session is tailored to fit each team’s unique and individual needs. We create in-house soundtracks and never offer pre-recorded sessions.

Breathwork Workshop


Unlock Whole Team Potential

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Higher Breath FAQS

Our workshops are typically sixty-ninety minutes and can be customized and tailored to fit unique needs and intentions. The first half includes a informative presentation outlining the science behind breath training as it relates to stress, energy and performance. The second half is a expert guided experience where participants will be breathing for about twenty-thirty minutes leaving space for group reflection and questions.

Breathwork is absolutely safe, however, it is very important to have a trained facilitator. Breathwork is mental and emotional fitness, and at times, can be activating for our bodies. We can feel a whole spectrum of physical sensations and feelings which are valid and normal. Having a trained professional who can speak to that and provide resources and support is key to ensuring you and your team have the best experience.

Anything that becomes a habit or a behaviour change can have a lasting impact on long-term performance. However, at times, one session is just planting a seed that often needs additional support and care. The recommendation is to speak to us about your teams current needs and goals and together we can put a plan in place for long-term success.

We offer individual and team-based training to take individuals and teams on a journey of self-discovery to create limitless potential for achieving inner balance, personal growth and transformation. For teams specifically, we offer a four-week heart coherence training course that utilizes bio-feedback technology that measures individual and team coherence, leverages science-backed techniques that lower stress and boost performance as well as provides weekly-team based exercises and challenges that increase engagement and connection. Book a call to learn more.

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