Breathwork Workshop

Introduction Workshop | 45 Minute Training

Accessing Inner Confidence with Breathwork

Join us this month.
Sept 7th — 2:00pm-2:45pm (EST)

Are you ready to Access your inner confidence and embody your higher Energy?

Our breath is a powerful tool we all have access to — The Key is learning how to use it.

Breathwork isn’t the same as breathing normally. It is an intentional practice of using the breath to create space for greater emotional balance, mental clarity and innovative thinking.

When stressed and overcome with emotion, we shift the part of our brain into flight or fight. This shuts down our ability to tap into our “gut” feeling.

Breathwork helps us emotionally self-regulate and access greater states of creativity and intelligence.

Breathe InBreathe Out

Move from the mind into the Heart

Our minds can tell us one thing, and yet, our hearts can say otherwise. Our heart is intelligent. According to science, the heart responds before our brain to future events. 

Also known as the “heart brain,” our heart can help us make decisions and access states of flow and heightened intelligence.

Breathwork Workshop

A completely virtual Experience

Breathe in the comfort of your own space from anywhere. 

What You Will Learn

How to Integrate Emotion With Breath

Our emotions are critical to building strong relationships.

Improve Energy Bandwidth

Build positive team energy and momentum towards success.

Reverse Burnout

Breathwork solves the root problem of burnout, creating a lasting effect.

Breathwork Workshop

Overcome Anxiety

Breathwork helps us disconnect from our over-active minds and connect with our hearts. It allows us to feel our emotions instead of over-analyzing them. When we create space to feel our feelings, they no longer have a hold on us.

Access Intuition & Creativity

We’ve all been given an inner compass to navigate challenges, as well as the ability to tap into innovative thinking. When we operate from fear, we shut this part of our brain down. Breathwork helps us re-connect. 

Increase Energy

When we do Breathwork, we charge our inner battery, building capacity daily to counter the effects of stress and release anxiety from our bodies; this creates a “carry” over effect giving us more energy and stamina at work, home and any space in between.

Manage Stress

Reducing the inflammation of stress leads us to live healthier and happier lives. Stress is not the enemy. However, we can all relate to how stress impacts us. Breathwork is a tool we can all use to build resilience and respond differently in the face of stress.

Kindra Fox

Certified Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator


Meet Your Instructor

Hi, and welcome to Higher Energy.


While working in the corporate world, I started breathing intentionally because I suffered from chronic stress, anxiety and burnout symptoms. Despite being a top performer, I often felt depleted. Looking around, I saw how stress also impacted my team and leadership.


Desperate for answers, I discovered Breathwork. Three years into self-directed learning and witnessing my transformation, I knew I had to share this with the world.


My mission is to share Breathwork with as many leaders and teams as possible so we may all live in wholeness, peace and freedom.

Elevate Your Energy

Spet 7th — 2:00-2:45 pm (EST) — LIMITED SEATS

Workshop FAQS

Our integrative sessions run anywhere from 8-12 minutes. We will start off with a grounding practice, then enter a breath pattern that is taught and led by our professionally certified breath trainer.

Breathwork is absolutely safe, however, it is very important to have a trained facilitator. Breathwork is mental and emotional fitness, and at times, can be activating for our bodies. We can feel a whole spectrum of physical sensations and feelings which are valid and normal. Having a trained professional who can speak to that and provide resources and support is key to ensuring you and your team have the best experience.

Everyone is so uniquely different, however, in our experience the benefits of Breathwork in terms of relaxation, flow and feeling connected to the body are almost immediate. Clients will experience a shift in just a few short minutes in an activated Breath. This is truly the magic of Breathwork.

Intentionally breathing has become a part of our daily practice here at Higher Energy, however, we understand that we all get busy and we don’t always have time to do a breathing marathon. We offer other programs such as Higher Teams, that goes deeper on how to incorporate small micro-breathing exercises into everyday life such as before a meeting, before sleep or in between calls. 

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