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Kindra Fox

Founder, Chief Energy Officer

Hi, I’m Kindra.


Founder of Higher Energy, Chief Energy Officer, Mother, Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator, Neo Emotional Release Practioner and Heart Math Certified Trainer.


Before discovering self-regulation, I worked as a high performer in tech sales for almost ten years before I reached a high level of burnout from chronic stress and anxiety, which ultimately led me to awaken to myself and search for answers within.


That awakening led me to learn how to conquer anxiety, rise above stress, and reconnect to my Higher Energy through somatic-based healing such as breathwork and emotional release.


Curious and determined to bring self-regulation and self-healing to the corporate world, I left my career and decided to forge a new path.


In 2021, I founded Higher Energy to unlock the whole human potential to empower others to self-heal and awaken to their highest potential.


To date, I have trained hundreds of high-performers to self-heal and awaken to their Higher Energy, whether it be through 1:1 coaching or group training.


I am so deeply honoured to be here.


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Kindra Fox


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