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Embark on a transformative journey with our six-week program designed specifically for high-performing teams. Learn to counter stress, achieve calm, and sustain higher individual and team outcomes through coherence breath training.

Self-Regulation is the key to long-lasting results

Many people don’t realize that our performance is directly influenced by how well we can self-regulate under stress.

When a team member is incoherent due to stress, anxiety or early burnout symptoms, the team’s ability to hit targets, stay engaged and achieve goals is impacted significantly.

Higher Teams combines leading science, wearable technology and proven techniques to empower teams to thrive under pressure by supporting them to develop new habits around stress through our four-week training program.


The Stress Epidemic

The effects of stress are being felt now more than ever. 1 in 3 individuals experiences burnout, with over 80% of stress coming from our work.

With the rising pressures to do more with less, companies, leaders and teams must look at how to approach well-being as a bottom-line strategy.

Higher Teams equips teams with the practical skills needed to reduce stress, manage anxiety and reverse the effects of burnout within just six weeks.


It’s never been a more critical time for HR, Sales, and other business leaders to address these challenges head-on. 

Practical Skills They Will Learn



Reduce stress and anxiety in the moment learning to manage thoughts, process emotions and make empowered decisions.


Conflict Avoidance

Avoid conflicts with ease. By tapping into our heart's intelligence we can attune ourselves to more compassion and understanding of each other.


Peak Performance Management

Maximize performance, focus and productivity by sustaining longer periods of flow state also known as coherence.


Coherent Teamwork

Communicate powerfully by learning to achieve mental and emotional clarity, which is essential for building relationships and achieving goals.​

Hrv 1

At Higher Teams, our team is trained with Coherence Bio-Feedback Technology, utilized throughout our four-week program to help teams visualize their progress and keep themselves accountable.

The Coherence Metric

We think of key performance indicators to measure performance and success in the business world.

Similarly, our body measures our ability to perform amidst stress based on how well we maintain coherence.


When teams face high stress, they become incoherent, lowering their energy and ability to move forward and make empowered decisions.

Is your Team ready to Perform at Their Most Optimal Level?

The Higher Teams Advantage

2. Breakthrough Research

Our team is certified by The Heart Math Institute. A globally recognized group of scientists who have been studying the effects of stress on the heart + brain for over 30 years.

3. Fully Interactive

Engage with our trainers one to one and in-group. We offer an intimate and connected experience with live instruction & interactive break out sessions.

4. Lasting Effects

Our custom wellness experiences offer in-the-moment relief from stress and how to self-regulate. Practicing self-regulation creates a carry-over effect of energy that can help us overcome anything.

1. Trackable Metrics

Measure coherence and come back into flow with the Inner Balance App & sensor. An excellent tool for beginners who need an accountability tool to keep them motivated and committed & excited to practice. 


The Sensor

Measure your emotional well-being

One for every employee

Real-Time Coherence Feedback 

Real-time guidance to help increase coherence  over time.

Simple & Easy-To-Use

Medical grade, state-of-the-art, ultra-low bluetooth HRV sensor provides easy connectivity for both Apple & Android.

heart math sensor

Guided Meditations & Support

Access helpful and simple guided meditations and prompts to reduce stress & anxiety.

Advanced Options

Challenge yourself as you entrain your nervous system back to regulation. Four challenge levels with customized views.

Research Studies

Our program is backed by science. The Heart Math Institute has published over 400+ studies. 

Higher Energy Heart v5
Emotional Stress, Positive Emotions and Psychophysiological Coherence.
By Rollin McCraty, Ph.D
Higher Energy Heart v5
Achieving Collective Coherence: Group Effects on Heart Rate Variability Coherence.
Steven M. Morris, Ph.D
Higher Energy Heart v5
Heartmath Approach to Self‑Regulation and Psychosocial Well‑Being.
By Jorina Elbers

Higher Teams

A brief look into our training.

1. Harness the Power of Coherence
Learn how to harness the power of coherence while decision-making, building team connection and increasing productivity.
2. The Awareness of The Heart
Discover the power of your heart! We invite your team to tap into a deeper understanding of the heart and the role it plays in emotional responses, intuition and decision-making.
3. The Science of Stress
Our goal is to change your mind about how you view stress - forever. When we don't understand something, we fear it. Our approach is to bring the science-first to put your mind and heart at ease.
4. MindSET
The mind is our protector. It helps us survive and seeks to be in comfort. We can learn so much for our ability to step into our discomfort while attuning to our instincts to make decisions.
5. HeartSET
Learning how to align our mind with heart is a powerful way to re-align on goals and connect to our deepest purpose. When we are connected to our inner truth, we soar to new levels of success and happiness.
6. BodySET
Your body is listening. It's remarkably intelligent. The body absorbs emotions and takes the hit when we're stressed. Moving the energy is key is bringing our whole self back into balance.

This program is for your Team if...


Inconsistent Team Performance

Higher Teams provides each person with a level playing field for handling stress and anxiety that results in teams collaborating and working together.


Poor Burnout Recovery

Higher Teams breathes life into your team, extending them the knowledge, opportunities and solutions proven to eliminate burnout.


Seeking a Grounded, Science-First Approach

Higher Teams is purpose-built to relate and engage high-performance teams looking for practical solutions that are backed by science and easily accessible.


Culture Building & Retention

Lean on Higher Teams to help you retain and reconnect team members on your company's value and mission as well as support their mental health journey.

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What You Can Expect

One hour commitment, six weeks of training. Virtual global delivery or in-person*  Individual or Group Opt-In Available.

Four Live Instructions

Access To Online Learning Portal

Inner Balance Sensor & App For Each Employee

Pre & Post Team Assessment Report


Kindra Fox

Master Trainer & Founder


Meet Your Instructor

While working in high-performing sales environments, I often experienced the negative impacts of stress, burnout, and energy loss on productivity and performance. 


This led me on an exciting journey of self-discovery and self-education about energy, stress management, and mindfulness.


My stress response changed, and over time I began to build personal resilience that influenced my ability to perform better at work. I noticed my intuition strengthened, productivity sky-rocketed, and anxiety and stress levels reduced.


My mission is to empower individuals, leaders, and organizations to discover these life-changing tools and practices for inner balance, personal growth and outer transformation.

A Hands On Experience

We don’t just read slides over zoom. Our training includes hands-on, engaging and interactive exercises to connect your whole team on an intimate level.



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Higher Teams FAQS

The learning portal is a platform that we’ve built for our clients to access additional content, including recordings, additional training techniques, and best practices for success. 

The Inner Balance HRV Sensor is the most accurate and accessible way to provide real-time feedback on the individual and team coherence levels as we go through the program. Teams will still benefit from the program regardless, however, we highly recommend this option.

Typically our lead time is around 1-2 weeks. We will ship directly to your team members.

It depends on each person, every technique we teach can be achieved in 5-10 mins or less of time. We highly encourage teams to try out these techniques on their own to experience the highest benefits of Higher Teams.

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