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Reset from Stress, Unlock Whole-YOU Potential.

A foundational three-month 1:1 breathwork coaching program designed to help you reset from stress, create balance and awaken to your highest potential.

I Created this Program Because...

While working in the corporate world for eight years, I experienced higher-than-normal levels of stress and anxiety that left me feeling drained + disconnected. 

When I looked around, I noticed people around me were also experiencing the same effects, with little support or resources.

Curious about solutions, I discovered breathwork. After developing a regular practice, I completely transformed my relationship with stress inspiring me to become a full-time facilitator and coach. 

Kindra One on one

Breathwork gives you a direct experience of taking back control of stress and anxiety, leading to more balance and flow. 

A Tailored Experience

Through your breath, we will dive deep into who you are, really.

Free-Flow Coaching Model

Progress at your own pace, set the intention and share your most vulnerable self while being challenged and expanded on every level in a free-flow coaching approach designed specifically for high-performers.

Master-Level Guidance

Experience six 1:1, 90-min expert-guided conscious breathwork sessions that stimulate the mind, body and spirit connection for accelerated healing, personal growth and outer transformation at the deepest level.


 Take back control of your healing journey. Learn how to embody the necessary skills for mastering energy, focus and stress levels to perform in a way that sets you apart in your daily life at work, home or any space in between.

A Science-Based Approach

Ground into the science behind stress by learning about the nervous system, brain and heart and its direct connection to health + well being. With heightened awareness, empower yourself to cultivate a positive and healthy relationship with stress.

Key Learnings

Obtain insights and learn skills that will last a lifetime.


Begin your self-transformation journey by deepening your breath to heighten awareness of limiting beliefs holding you back. With my guidance, reframe your subconscious, overcome blocks, and unlock new levels of potential.



Sustaining long-term performance requires prioritizing rest and recovery. Through the six weeks, I will train you how to use the conscious breath techniques in recalibrating the nervous system, naturally reducing stress and anxiety and reversing burnout.


Rediscover your body’s self-healing ability through the body’s intelligence. This program guides you to profound emotional, spiritual, physical, and psychological healing through the simple yet powerful tool of conscious breath.



Emotions are connected to energy. Unacknowledged emotions become suppressed, leading to disconnection from ourselves and the world. Our sessions provide a safe space and guidance to process and release deeply buried emotions so you can heal and expand.

Program Breakdown

Each week, a powerful intention is created to take you to the next level in your personal healing and transformation journey.

guided audio

Complementary Breathwork Audio

Our clients get automatic access to Higher Sound – A collection of custom-made guided breathwork audio.

Higher Sound Rise Fall Album Art

Benefits of Working with Me:


Reach new heights in performance


Relieve the body of physical pain and stored tension


Shift the inner connection, mood, and awareness to connect deeper with oneself


Reset focus & learn how to sustain periods of flow state


Boost energy, improve sleep and promote healthy digestion.


Enhance creativity & strengthen intuition


Up-regulate the Autonomic Nervous System and improve heart rate variability


Stimulate neuroplasticity in the brain, the brain's ability to accept new ideas and adapt to new habits and behaviors toward personal and professional success.


Restore balance to the parasympathetic response, establishing a new baseline for rest/recovery


Process stuck/suppressed emotions that cause anxiety and overwhelm, such as grief, anger or fear, so one can move forward, let go, and become present

How To apply?

The three-month program comes equipped with; 


  • Six 1:1 virtual video sessions
  • Weekly check-in calls
  • Access to the Higher Energy learning portal.
  • Bonus guided tracks.
  • Support via text.
  • Daily exercises and weekly challenges.
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Apply Below

Fill out our application to determine if it’s a good fit. We will then follow up to book a complimentary consult or 20-minute session to explore further.

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Get Connected

We will review any questions, concerns, or specifics before starting. You’ll have the option to sign up or think about it. (no pressure; this has to be a whole-heart, yes, to get started!)

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Agree To Terms

When you decide to start, you will receive a link and any required forms to fill out, we will figure out your availability dates and review the total commitment.

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Book Your Sessions

At this point, You can then book your first 1:1 90-minute session and we will start the transformation journey together! 


Invest in Yourself.

Self-investment first steps to personal growth, inner healing and outer transformation.

Option 1

Invest upfront and dive in.

Learn More

1 Payment
Three Month Program
2x sessions month
Weekly Check-Ins
Access to Higher Energy Learning Portal
Guided Breathwork Tracks

Option 2

Experience a one-off session and get your feet wet. 


1 payment.
One, 2hr session.
No commitment.
Experience immediate relief and receive profound insights.


Kindra Fox

Founder, Higher Energy
Chief Energy Officer


Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Kindra—founder of Higher Energy, a Trauma-Informed Breathwork facilitator, NEO Emotional Release practitioner, and Heart Math certified trainer.



After many years working in tech sales, I decided to follow my passion for serving others on a deeper level.



While in sales, I noticed how stress, energy, and performance intertwined, propelling me to dive into energy work, plant medicine and somatic healing to heal the root causes of mental and emotional health.



These methods transformed my ability to overcome my personal struggle with anxiety, heal from past trauma, and reconnect to my Higher Energy. 



Today, I train high-performers out of stress into empowerment so they can embody their Higher Energy and reach new levels of personal and professional success.

Apply Now

The path of healing is never a linear approach. There is no one-size fits – if you’re unsure how breathwork can support your unique needs, or perhaps you are experiencing an inner fear of asking for help, you are not alone. Sometimes, a simple conversation or perspective shift is needed to find that inner clarity; let’s chat!


All of our sessions are offered at 90 minutes. However, each session starts with a free flow coaching session that follows a personalized theme each week followed by a breathwork session. You can expect to breathe between 15-60 mins.

Breathwork is absolutely safe, however, it is very important to have a trained facilitator. Breathwork is mental and emotional fitness, and at times, can be activating for our bodies. We can feel a whole spectrum of physical sensations and feelings which are valid and normal. Having a trained professional who can speak to that and provide resources and support is key to ensuring you and your team have the best experience.

Each person has a unique nervous system baseline that operates based on how they feel, think, act and breathe. That baseline is the auto-correct so to speak of your bodies response to stress. Six weeks is the perfect amount of time to help recalibrate that baseline towards a more coherent and balanced state to counter the effects of stress and reverse burnout.

Working with a breathwork coach is likened to working with a personal trainer and having a customized plan for transformation that is exactly tailored to your unique dietary needs and fitness goals. When adapting to a new routine or forming a new habit, it can be met with resistance which is why having a coach to hold you accountable is critical to reaching your long-term goals.

Everyone is so uniquely different, however, in our experience the benefits of Breathwork in terms of relaxation, flow and feeling connected to the body are almost immediate. Clients will experience a shift in just a few short minutes in an activated Breath. This is truly the magic of Breathwork.

Intentionally breathing has become a part of our daily practice here at Higher Energy, however, we understand that we all get busy and we don’t always have time to do a breathing marathon. Each week comes pre-packed with daily and weekly practices that require a minimum of twenty minutes per day.

My goal is to supply you with the education, tools and skills needed to master your energy so you can master life. Unlike other coaches, my intention is to empower you to become completely self-sufficient when it comes to managing stress, achieving inner balance and reversing the effects of burnout – forever.

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