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The Power Of Breathwork: Change your Breath, Change your Life

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Before I found the power of breathwork, my life was about numbers—sales targets, quotas, and the relentless pressure to perform. As a tech sales professional, my self-worth was inextricably linked to my latest performance review, my sales metrics, and the relentless drive for success. This led to a lot of stress and a nagging feeling that something fundamental was missing.

It all changed one evening when, feeling particularly overwhelmed, I stumbled upon an article about breathwork. This wasn’t just another wellness trend; it was a profound practice that connected deeply with something I hadn’t realized was so out of balance—my breath. The more I read about how our breathing influences our subconscious mind, our stress levels, and even our beliefs, the more intrigued I became. It spoke of a method not just to manage stress but to transform it at its core.

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Compelled to explore this further, I began practicing breathwork daily. The effects were immediate and transformative. With each breath, I felt as if I were shedding the weight of unmet expectations and the anxiety of performance metrics. I was not only learning to breathe; I was learning to reshape my entire approach to life and work.

This personal transformation sparked a deeper realization. If changing my breathing could have such a profound impact on my life, what could it do for others? Driven by this question, I decided to pivot my career from tech sales to breathwork coaching. I wanted to empower others to find this same profound connection—to help them see that beneath the daily grind and the surface-level stressors, there was a powerful tool for change right under their nose.

This led to the founding of Higher Energy. Here, we don’t just teach breathwork; we dive into the transformative potential it holds. We explore how altering your breath can alter your life, tapping into a deeper energy that’s been waiting to be released. This isn’t just about breathing—it’s about breaking free from old patterns and embracing a new paradigm of living and being.

This realization is at the heart of every session I lead and every program I develop at Higher Energy. It’s about more than escaping stress; it’s about embracing a whole new way of existing in the world. We look at how we can harness the power of breathwork to turn our inner tides and genuinely awaken to our highest potential. This exploration begins with understanding the significant differences between traditional mindfulness practices and the active, embodied practice of breathwork—something that I learned not just through study, but through the very fabric of my own experiences.

Real-Life Transformations: The Power of Breathwork in Action

Changing our lives by shifting our beliefs may sound like a metaphysical concept, but it’s grounded in the very real science of how our bodies and minds interact. To truly alter our lives, we need to start with our foundational beliefs, which impact our emotional states and, in turn, our vibrational frequencies. It’s a chain reaction that begins deep within our subconscious mind.

The Role of Conscious Awareness

The journey to transforming our beliefs begins with becoming conscious of them. Most of our beliefs operate subconsciously, directing our actions and reactions without our conscious input. To change these beliefs, we first need to bring them into our conscious awareness. This awareness is the first step toward transformation. Learning more about the subconscious can provide further insight into how deep-seated beliefs shape our lives.

Breathwork as a Gateway to the Subconscious

How do we access these deeply ingrained beliefs? The answer lies in our breath. Through conscious and deliberate breathwork, we move beyond the clutter of our conscious thoughts and tap into the vast landscape of our subconscious. Here lies the root of our most potent beliefs, some of which propel us forward, while others hold us back.

Breathing techniques, particularly those used in breathwork, allow us to pause the constant chatter of our minds and delve deeper into our inner selves. This is where real change can begin. By accessing our subconscious mind—where an estimated 90% of our beliefs and behaviors originate—we can start to identify and modify the beliefs that shape our realities. To understand more about how breathwork facilitates this connection, visit What is Breathwork.

Transforming Beliefs Through Breathwork

My own journey with breathwork began as a personal exploration but quickly turned into a profound transformation that affected every aspect of my life. As I practiced breathwork, I found myself able to access, confront, and ultimately shift beliefs I didn’t even know I held. These were beliefs about my worth, my capabilities, and what I thought was possible in my life.

For instance, I used to believe that my value was tied to my sales figures and professional achievements. Through breathwork, I confronted this belief. I realized it stemmed from a deeper sense of unworthiness that no amount of professional success could remedy. By repeatedly accessing this belief during breathwork sessions, I began to reshape it, gradually believing in my intrinsic worth, independent of external achievements.

Empowering Others Through Breathwork

Seeing the powerful impact breathwork had on my beliefs and life, I was inspired to guide others on similar journeys. As a breathwork coach, I’ve witnessed clients undergo incredible transformations—releasing old fears, overcoming self-imposed limitations, and stepping into their power. They’ve changed their belief systems and, as a result, their lives.One particularly moving testimonial comes from a client who felt transformed after just one session:

 “I felt so comfortable and supported in my virtual breath work and neo-emotional release session with Kindra. With her guidance, I could connect with deep, energetic blocks in my physical body that I wasn’t even aware of. I was given the tools to release them through gentle and directed acceptance and allowance. I released a deep-rooted fear of speaking my truth and allowed my creativity to flow. I feel so much lighter and connected. I’m buzzing with gratitude and appreciation for this beautiful life and for the opportunity to come closer to true awakening every single day. Kindra’s knowledge + wisdom around somatic healing will guide you deeper into yourself so that you may deepen your connection to the collective consciousness.” – Jessica O’Kane

Understanding the Power of Breathwork: Beyond Just Breathing

Breathwork operates on a simple yet powerful premise: by changing how we breathe, we can change our entire state of being. This isn’t just an anecdotal belief; it’s backed by growing scientific evidence. Research shows that controlled breathing can significantly affect the autonomic nervous system, which regulates our stress responses, heart rate, and digestion, among other things. This influence explains why breathwork can swiftly shift us from a state of stress to one of calm.
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The Science Behind the Breath

When I first experienced the transformative effects of breathwork, I was curious about the science that underpinned these changes. I learned about the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide levels and how this balance affects our body’s pH level, nervous system function, and overall health. By mastering breathwork techniques, we can consciously influence this balance, achieving remarkable results:

  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus, as more oxygen reaches the brain.
  • Reduced anxiety and stress through the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation.
  • Improved physiological resilience, allowing our bodies to better handle and recover from stress.

These insights transformed my understanding of how intimately our breath connects to our physical and emotional health. This connection is why breathwork can be a powerful tool for managing not just temporary stress but also for fostering long-term wellness and vitality.

Breathwork as a Tool for Emotional Release

One of the most profound aspects of breathwork is its ability to facilitate emotional release. This process is crucial for healing because many of us carry unprocessed emotions in our physical bodies. Through breathwork, we can tap into these stored emotions and begin to release them in a safe and controlled environment. This release is not just liberating; it’s necessary for breaking free from the cycles of stress and anxiety that hold us back.

Integrating Breathwork Into Everyday Life

For those new to breathwork, the idea of integrating such a practice into daily life might seem daunting. However, the beauty of breathwork lies in its simplicity and accessibility. Whether it’s a few minutes each morning to set the tone for the day or a structured session to unwind in the evening, breathwork can be adapted to fit into any schedule and space.

Learning about how breathwork works has not only deepened my practice but also reinforced my commitment to teaching others about its benefits. Whether you’re seeking relief from stress, looking to enhance your mental clarity, or hoping to heal from emotional traumas, breathwork offers a powerful, accessible solution.

Embracing breathwork has been a key part of my journey, not just in moving from sales to healing but in transforming how I engage with the world around me. As we continue to explore the power of breathwork, I invite you to consider how this practice might reshape your own life. If you’re interested in exploring this transformative tool, book a consultation with me at Higher Energy, where we can tailor a breathwork strategy that aligns with your personal and professional goals.

Breathwork isn’t just about breathing; it’s about unlocking the potential that resides within each of us. If you’re ready to explore the transformative power of breathwork and change your beliefs from the ground up, consider joining one of our breathwork workshops or downloading our free guided breathwork track. Here at Higher Energy, we’re committed to helping you unlock your unlimited energy potential and transform your life through the incredible power of your own breath.

Kindra Fox

Kindra Fox

Kindra Fox, the CEO of Higher Energy and certified breathwork facilitator, can help you improve your corporate productivity and team connection while reducing employee burnout through virtual resilience training and breathwork services. Interested in learning more? Book a free consult below.

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The Power Of Breathwork

The Power Of Breathwork: Change your Breath, Change your Life

Before I found the power of breathwork, my life was about numbers—sales targets, quotas, and…

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