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Come and breathe with us. Experience the transformative benefits of connected breathing in this guided breathwork track. Release stress, clear anxiety and connect to your Higher Energy.

RISE AND FALL from the mind into the Heart

Embark on a twenty-five minute journey to get you out of your head into your body and feeling your heart.

Begin your journey with the Halo Breath, a simple, yet powerful technique to activate your ability to self-regulate, then transition to the Tri-Active breath to self-organize and drop deeper into your Higher Energy.

Conclude the session with a 12-minute sound healing, composed by Paul Giovanatto. This segment aids in releasing stuck emotions, blending music and ambient sounds for a profound heart connection.

Kindra Fox

Certified in Heart Math, Neo Emotional Release & Trauma-Informed Breathwork.


Meet Your Instructor

Hi, and welcome to Higher Energy.


While working in the corporate world, I started breathing intentionally because I suffered from chronic stress, anxiety and burnout symptoms. Despite being a top performer, I often felt depleted. Looking around, I saw how stress also impacted my team and leadership.


Desperate for answers, I discovered Breathwork. Three years into self-directed learning and witnessing my transformation, I knew I had to share this with the world.


My mission is to share Breathwork with as many leaders and teams as possible so we may all live in wholeness, peace and freedom.

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