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5 Ways To Increase Workforce Wellness: Addressing Mental & Emotional Health In The Workplace

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Right now, our entire world is being shaken at its core.

This is why we see economic systems breaking down, companies laying off thousands of people, and societal, cultural, and political structures collapsing. And for many of us, it’s a time of great unrest, fear, and uncertainty.


For each of us, these issues mean something different. This is why we cannot blanket statement our way back, calling it “getting back to normal.”And it certainly doesn’t get better when we raise the stakes, such as interest rates or quotas, or add more fear and pressure into the mix.


It doesn’t work.


So the question becomes, what is this reflecting back to us? From my perspective, it reflects the collective unresolved human trauma passed down through generations.

What is Trauma?

Take a moment, take a deep breath, and feel into something traumatic that happened to you or someone you know. Most of us can recall an experience that is likely connected to our childhood and parents/caregivers. If you feel back far enough, you’ll notice the same things happened to them or the people before them.


Trauma isn’t as much as the event itself, as it is the pain and suffering that happened following that event. If it goes unresolved, the trauma continues to be passed down through generations. Those events, physical or emotional, get stored in our unconscious mind, creating open loops that can often lead to suffering in our mental and emotional health years later. So you might wonder how your experience affects the overall big picture as if it doesn’t matter, and I am here to tell you.




We are interconnected with each other, other species, and Mother Earth. Yet, many of us act as though we’re these separate entities; as we’re “self-identified” and “self-actualized,” and we carry on through life as such. But when we look beneath that, we are just living in a distorted perception of reality, and we are disillusioned that when one person suffers, it doesn’t affect the overall group.


But I am here to tell you, it MATTERS.


When one person is suffering, we all suffer. If one person on your team struggles, whether personally or professionally, the whole team suffers, as well as the health of our organization. Just because we don’t always see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And to counter the effects of collective and individual trauma in our workplaces, we must consider addressing the elephant in the room.


Mental and emotional health.

If science shows that our physical health reflects our mental and emotional well-being, why would our world be any different? And since we spend a third of our lives at work, around 90,000 hours, wouldn’t it make sense for our work cultures to start addressing mental and emotional health at the core?


Well, sadly, according to a recent workplace mental health report:


  • Only 33% of employers provide workshops on employee resilience, coping strategies, and mindful manager training.
  • On average, only 32% of employers offer a mental health solution to manage stress, anxiety, and sleep.
  • That leaves 68% not providing critical preventive support for their employees’ mental health.


So what can we do?

  1. First, it requires RADICAL responsibility as leaders, individuals, and organizations, and RADICAL changes in how we operate today. We must do more than repeat the past and expect different results.
  2. It is the recognition that the health and performance of your team or organization are directly correlated with each individual’s mental and emotional health. Stop treating people like numbers and more like people.
  3. Invest in Trauma-Informed wellness programs. Higher Energy offers two scientifically-backed programs for teams and leaders to address these challenges around anxiety, stress, and burnout head-on. More than simply offering a wellness perk or an app is required.
  4. Be proactive around mental health, focusing on preventative measures, not just intervention when the problem has already gotten out of hand. Think early, and engage the team often.
  5. Set up a monthly check-in call with managers and create a weekly call with team members to do a “how full is your cup?” that doesn’t involve talking about numbers, tasks, and deadlines.


Instead of trying to get back to normal, we can move into forward motion and get beyond our limited mental and emotional health perspective. To usher in a new way of being, whether in how we operate as companies, leaders, or individuals, we must be ready to let the old versions of ourselves die.


We must feel to heal.


As a professionally trained Somatic Breath Coach, I have first-hand experienced the benefits of healing trauma with hundreds of my clients, whether it be a broken relationship with a family member that continues to haunt them or a limited belief in their worthiness in this world.




These energies, which are simply emotions in motion, live on in the body until we consciously choose to meet them with love, compassion, and forgiveness. We live in the most incredible time in human history when despite the chaos we see around us, we have access to an infinite potential for healing, personal growth, and transformation, whether through our healing journey or holding a supportive and safe environment in our workplaces. Whatever it is, it all gets to be here. We must embody the change we wish to see in our world for the future health of our children and grandchildren.


And the reward of doing this work is two-fold.


  1. It helps us heal on the inside, improve relationships and reconnect with ourselves for a happier and healthier version today and in the future.
  2. It helps us become a better version of ourselves in our workplaces, so we perform at higher levels, reach new goals, and manifest new levels of success in our teams and organizations.


If you or your team is curious about how to support mental and emotional health in the workplace, feel free to reach out for support or book a consult. Sending you all so much love,

Kindra Fox

Kindra Fox

Kindra Fox, the CEO of Higher Energy and certified breathwork facilitator, can help you improve your corporate productivity and team connection while reducing employee burnout through virtual resilience training and breathwork services. Interested in learning more? Book a free consult below.

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