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Paul Giovanatto

Chief Technical Officer

Paul Giovanatto is the lead technology and design director at Higher Energy. He is passionate about creating deeper & more powerful connections through visual and audio user experiences. With over 10+ years of experience producing multimedia assets and messaging, he strives to push the creative boundary of excellence to enrich our clients’ lives.


During his early years in the music industry, he realized the power design had over its ability to communicate ideas through social media. Through carefully designed content, he helped curate artist profiles with over a million followers organically. Following his love for music, he took up programming and crafted a unique audio company developing bespoke software instruments. This experience was what seeded his passion for creating beautiful brand messaging and user experiences that inspire action, which other brands noticed.


Since then, he has spent his time helping dozens of companies develop their businesses online. Through this experience, he brings modern development practices and user experience knowledge to Higher Energy’s digital and in-person experiences.


Paul combats stress by practicing daily coherence practices taught through the Higher Energy curriculum to maintain firm productivity during development. Paul is also passionate about unlocking the compass of the heart to empower individuals to overcome their most significant challenges in life. By becoming aware of self-sabotaging habits and beliefs, he helps rewire the programs of the mind and engages the heart’s ability to guide and direct others toward their deepest desires.

Paul Giovanatto


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