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Corporate Breathwork

Looking to bring corporate breathwork to your office? Higher Breath is a sixty-minute, professionally guided Corporate Breathwork workshop that introduces your team to breathwork, a proven method for naturally releasing stress and anxiety from the body, enabling teams to feel lighter and happier from within.

Learn how to use your breath — To minimize stress and burnout in your corporate organization.

Breathwork isn’t the same as breathing normally. It is an intentional practice of using the breath to create space within for greater emotional balance, focus and access to creativity.

So many of us have forgotten how to breathe. We breathe, yet we do so unconsciously. The constant stress and uncertainty have disconnected us from our power and led our teams to lower productivity and burnout.

Our Corporate Breathwork helps train teams out of flight or fight and teaches us how to self-regulate and build resilience.

Breathe InBreathe Out

What is Corporate Breathwork?

For centuries Breathwork has been known as an ancient modality traditionally used by meditation gurus and yogis. With the evolution of science, it is only now becoming widely recognized that Breathwork is a powerful tool we can use to self-regulate, reduce stress and increase energy in any enviroment. 

When we do breathwork, we’re not only intentionally releasing stress and anxiety from our bodies but also entraining a new emotional baseline within our nervous system. This process enables us to build resilience in the face of stress.

With consistent practice, we can quickly move through life’s highs and lows no matter what’s happening outside us. This allows for us to return to an unshakable version of ourselves – confident,  purpose-driven and connected to our Teams and Organizations.

Higher Breath

When we face stressful, uncertain or challenging situations, we can approach them more easily. We can rewire our brains to move away from stress into empowerment. 

Corporate Breathwork Benefits


Emotional Self-Regulation​

Release stuck emotions, rewire thoughts and increase positive energy.


Improve Energy Bandwidth

Learn how to let go, and heal from the inside out.


Increase Positive Emotions

Step into your power, and tap into joy, gratitude, abundance and compassion.

At Higher Breath, our team is trauma-informed and professionally certified to deliver Breathwork with a lens of inviting all emotions, thoughts, and feelings to the session, thus creating a safe container for transformation and progress.

Corporate Breathwork

Trauma Informed — Corporate Breathwork

We’ve all experienced or been exposed to trauma at one time or another, individually and collectively.

Our trauma does not define us; however, the parts of us that are wounded, suffering, or in pain deserve to be seen, felt, heard and accepted. We live in a culture where trauma is rarely normalized or openly discussed. 

When we can’t share our whole selves, we disconnect, put on a mask and shut down our hearts. 

The more we invite these aspects and parts of ourselves to be held and supported, the more we allow our magic, experiences, and perspectives to be shared. 

Move from the mind into the Body

Transformation happens in the body, not just the mind. When we experience setbacks and adversity, our bodies take a hit. 

A critical part of reaching our infinite potential is learning to clear energetic blockages caused by past experiences and suppressed emotions. 

Our corporate breathwork programs help your team move out of destructive logic patterns and into allowing for true healing and natural regulation to occur.

Team Connection

We are more powerful together than we are apart. The power of collective Breathing helps to bring ourselves and others into harmony having a profound effect on team connection.


Our work should never be a measurement of our worth. However, our productivity and performance skyrocket when we feel good in the process of doing our best work. Breathwork helps us feel at the top of our game.

Health & Wellness

Stress can be an underlying root cause of many diseases. The word “disease” represents dis-ease, meaning we have disconnected from our ease, our flow. Our Corporate Breathwork helps strengthen your team’s immune systems and health. 


Training hard and stressing our bodies during challenging workouts is stimulating and exhausting if we do not get adequate rest and recovery time. Corporate Breathwork can aid in this process, helping us rebuild muscle tissue, heal injuries and recover faster.

Corporate Breathwork

Corporate Breathwork


We’re on a mission to help corporate leaders and teams reconnect to all aspects of healing, personal development and transformation. We’ve got you and your team covered whether it be aimed at performance, rest, overall wellness, or strengthening relationships.

Higher Breath is a virtual or in-person wellness experience accessible to anyone, regardless of background, culture or belief system. We aim to be inclusive, bring forward the science and raise awareness about the power of Corporate Breathwork.


Kindra Fox

Certified Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator


Meet Your Instructor

Hi, and welcome to Higher Breath. It’s taken me three years to get to this point, where I feel whole, worthy and confident to share my experiences, personal challenges and strategies for success with the world.


While working in the corporate world, I started breathing intentionally because I suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks. Despite being a top performer, I often felt depleted and burnt out.


Desperate for answers, I discovered Breathwork. Three years into self-directed learning and witnessing my transformation, I knew I had to share this with the world.


My mission is to share Breathwork with as many leaders and teams as possible so we may all live in wholeness, peace and freedom.

A Live Experience

Employees breathe together in the comfort of their own space online or in person at the office. 

Breathwork Workshop

Book Your Breathwork

We scale into any organization virtually or bring our team to you.

Single Session

Single virtual group or one-on-one Breathwork sessions to experience an introduction to Breathwork.

Bundled Session

A bundle of virtual group or one-on-one Breathwork sessions are recommended for the best experience and lasting effects.

Seminar Session

Live in-person group opt-in Breathwork seminars are available for corporate teams across North America.

Corporate Breathwork FAQS

All of our sessions are offered at 60 minutes. However, each session starts with an introduction to Breathwork, intention setting, and a grounding practice. Typically, we would recommend participates breathing for at least 10-25 minutes for the maximum benefit, leaving room for sharing and reflection at the end.

Breathwork is absolutely safe, however, it is very important to have a trained facilitator. Breathwork is mental and emotional fitness, and at times, can be activating for our bodies. We can feel a whole spectrum of physical sensations and feelings which are valid and normal. Having a trained professional who can speak to that and provide resources and support is key to ensuring you and your team have the best experience.

Everyone is so uniquely different, however, in our experience the benefits of Breathwork in terms of relaxation, flow and feeling connected to the body are almost immediate. Clients will experience a shift in just a few short minutes in an activated Breath. This is truly the magic of Breathwork.

Intentionally breathing has become a part of our daily practice here at Higher Energy, however, we understand that we all get busy and we don’t always have time to do a breathing marathon. We offer other programs such as Higher Teams, that goes deeper on how to incorporate small micro-breathing exercises into everyday life such as before a meeting, before sleep or in between calls. 

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