Higher Energy

Week 6 – Expansion

When aligned with ourselves, we can expand into what we prefer. Moving closer to what we deeply desire allows our inner state of joy to become the dominant emotion in this session. We realize this is our most natural state and expand into our highest potential to access creativity and passion. Inhale joy, exhale fear.

Week 5 – Embodiment

Our thoughts, beliefs, actions, and emotions must be aligned to enact change in our lives. This is what we call embodiment. When we’re congruent with ourselves, we are congruent with life. In this session, we will develop a more profound sense of intuition, felt sense, and energy through the body’s intelligence.

Week 4 – Awakening

It’s time to rise; it’s time to reclaim who you are. Beneath the stress and anxiety exists a state of being where you feel like your most authentic self: confident, calm, empowered and ready to embrace your Higher Energy. In this session, we will awaken new pathways through our breath.

Week 3 – Release

When we feel safe to release and let go, we create spaciousness in our nervous system. Through our breath and intention, we can digest our experiences and emotions, leaving us feeling renewed and restored. In this session, we will guide your breath to meet blocked or stuck emotions ready to be released.

Week 2 – Acceptance

We can tap into a specific power when we’re in full-body acceptance of what is when we can allow ourselves to take up space, inviting all past versions of ourselves to be accepted and allowed. In this session, you will be invited into a safe space with your breath to be fully witnessed.

Week 1 – Awareness

The more conscious we can become of our patterns, beliefs, emotions and thoughts, the more opportunity we have for transformation. It all starts with our breath. With each breath in this session, develop a deeper awareness of the self and the body as the foundation of this journey.

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