Higher Energy


Week 6 – Expansion

When aligned with ourselves, we can expand into what we prefer. Moving closer to what we deeply desire allows our inner state of joy to

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Week 5 – Embodiment

Our thoughts, beliefs, actions, and emotions must be aligned to enact change in our lives. This is what we call embodiment. When we’re congruent with

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Week 4 – Awakening

It’s time to rise; it’s time to reclaim who you are. Beneath the stress and anxiety exists a state of being where you feel like

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Week 3 – Release

When we feel safe to release and let go, we create spaciousness in our nervous system. Through our breath and intention, we can digest our

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Week 2 – Acceptance

We can tap into a specific power when we’re in full-body acceptance of what is when we can allow ourselves to take up space, inviting

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Week 1 – Awareness

The more conscious we can become of our patterns, beliefs, emotions and thoughts, the more opportunity we have for transformation. It all starts with our

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